How To Find The Right Job

The key to finding the right job for you, one that you love to do and still pays the bills and more, is to begin by assessing your passions, skill sets, strengths and weaknesses.

Most people find it really difficult to figure out some of these big questions, like what do I want to do with my life? What job do I want do? One that’s going to give me a bit more than just paying the bills, one that I am actually going to enjoy? So, where to start? Many people start in the wrong place.

They begin by focusing on these sorts of questions: What qualifications do I have? What did I study at school? What am I good at? Whereas where you should really start is by focusing on what light you up. What lights your fire! What really do you enjoy? What are you passionate about? What are the things that interest you? Start actually looking outside of work. Think about your interests and passions. Watch the video to learn more…

This video was filmed as part of a series of 30 videos that we were commissioned to film for Video Jug. You can view them all on Know No Limits TV or on the Video Jug site at:

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