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You now have the opportunity to read about some of the significant changes our clients have made in their lives by working with one of our professional coaches. Whilst doing so you will no doubt identify some results that you want for yourself. Take your time to consider whether you could be one of our ‘success stories’ as you hear how we have helped many people make considerable leaps forward in their lives!

What our Clients Say…

life coaching

Your Dream Life


Life Coaching Programme

"Working with Kyle as my coach has helped me change many of the fundamental preconceptions and behaviour patterns that had been dominating my life for years. With his openness, non-judgmental approach, warmth and true caring spirit, Kyle challenged me to focus on my true dreams and expectations for my life, rather than drifting on a path of routine activity. I came to truly accept and take the actions which I had secretly known were necessary, and yet had successfully avoided for years! Kyle's constant support was central to this process of empowerment and gave me the strength to tackle head on some of the most difficult times of my life and take decisions that had previously been impossible to take. "

(Karen, Executive Risk Manager, Leading International Law Firm, London)

“When I started working with Kyle my life was already pretty good and on track. I also work as a coach and trainer and I hire a coach myself as part of 'walking my own talk'. Coaching with Kyle gives me the opportunity to get a 'kick up the arse' in the most loving and sometimes fierce way too. He is light and yet tough all at once, doesn't let me lose focus, frequently hits the nail on the head and cuts straight to the heart of the issue, and always has his eye on the big picture. He is great at holding me accountable for what I say that I am going to do and since we started working together I have got unstuck on my weight loss and have lost 10lbs and counting... I have increased my satisfaction scores with many areas of my life, made more new friends locally, have improved my relationships with my family, and am more physically active and enjoying it. I also hired Kyle for a day's business coaching with me and my business partner which unlocked our forward progress considerably and has improved my money flow. I feel great, my life is definitely on track and moving forwards and I can't wait to see where it goes next...”

(Sarah Vogel, Training & Development Consultant, People Development Associates)

“My life was a mess; I was confused and unfocused and had lost my way. Life was just something that happened. Work was unbearable because of imposed major changes and no clear leadership or direction. My team were looking to me for answers that I didn't have and I had completely lost my confidence as a manager. My youngest son had undergone major surgery and was in a wheelchair and my daughter had just started a new school.

I did a lot of background research before deciding to try coaching. I made the right decision choosing Michelle and have no regrets. She helped me discover myself and enabled me to focus on what I wanted in my life. She listened, facilitated my voyage of self discovery, and gave me the tools to rebuild my confidence. Michelle's coaching and her ability to understand the root of the issue helped free me from the baggage I had accumulated throughout my life and allowed me to plan my career and a more focused and structured future. Michelle's coaching has allowed me to be more present and have a more positive outlook. I have moved on in my career with my team's full support and I have rekindled my interest in photography and won competitions. I now live my life of dreams rather than continually planning for the future.”

(Andy, Communications Manager, Liverpool)

“The coaching programme has really helped me get clear about my personal and professional goals and develop strategies for working towards them. Kyle's sense of humour, and commitment to bringing out the best in me, really helps me to 'dig deep' - even when it's challenging. The level of openness and trust in our coaching relationship has allowed me to make some significant breakthroughs and as a result my relationship with my husband has improved and I am much more able to control my negative emotions and respond calmly. I am also living much more in tune with my 'values' - what is important to me, whereas before this was very much in evidence professionally, but wasn't always the case with my nearest and dearest! Through participating in this coaching programme I am now gaining a greater sense of myself, my strengths, and how I want to be as a Consultant and Leader.”

(Joy Lewis, Management Consultant, London)

“I wasn't sure what to expect out of a personal coach. Maybe some help on the career front and general advice dealing with the everyday stuff of life. What I received was a pleasant surprise. Coaching with Michelle is like talking with a trusted friend, always compassionate, always listening and always objective . Not only did Michelle help me to focus on the important issues in my life, she guided me through to a more positive approach to living.”

(Christopher, Information Manager, Management Consultancy, London)

“I originally began coaching with Kyle to improve my health and fitness, but during the year that we worked together I separated from my husband after nearly 22 years together and three children – it was very hard and difficult time, and still is. Kyle not only helped me to improve my fitness, but he also gave me incredible support and encouragement to be more positive and gave me more confidence. Working with him helped me to have faith in myself, as my self esteem was at rock bottom after years of being unhappy, lonely, and miserable within my marriage. Each week I became more positive with Kyle’s encouragement and belief in me. I also became much fitter - I am a passionate skier and I had one of the best ski holidays of my life this year! I am now able to do things that I never would have thought I could do before.”

(Jane Allan, Wife, Mother, and Superwoman, West Molesey)

Life Coaching - Change your LifeNow that you have read about some of the significant changes our clients have made in their lives from working with our team of highly trained coaches, you may be eager to know how you can make the changes you want in your life... click here to discover how our life coaching programme can help you take your life to the next level!
business coaching programme

Your Dream Business


Start-Up Business Coaching Programme

I have been working with Kyle for the past two years and he has been a real inspiration and voice of reason to me throughout. I started running my own business three years ago at the height of the recession and while it has been an exciting experience and one that I wouldn't swap for the world, at times it has been very daunting and demanding. Kyle has always been there for me when I needed some support and but more importantly he's been there to question me and challenge my mindset.

It is very easy to get overwhelmed when running your business and to brush aside things that you don't feel comfortable dealing with. Kyle's calm but firm approach guided me towards confronting my fears and stepping out of my comfort zone and through this I was able to make some big decisions that have really helped grow my business. He's been an invaluable to me and I couldn't recommend him highly enough to anyone who, like me is a first time business owner.

(Emma Foster, fComms, PR and Communications Agency)

“When I started working with Kyle from Move Beyond I didn't even realise just how much of a hole I had sunken into. I hated working at my business and had pretty much lost all of my confidence and was down right miserable. Kyle's patience, belief in me, and persistence have helped me to break-out of this downward spiral and re-connect to my dreams for the future. I now have hope where there was once despair and the honesty, safety, and support of our coaching relationship has provided me with a place to talk about some key things in my life that I felt I couldn't tell anyone else about. I am now much more positive and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Whilst I still want to get out of my current business, I am able to deal with the current challenges it poses and Kyle has helped me see how I can increase it's profitability in the meantime. My confidence is building and my life is definitely moving forwards again. I am currently exploring buying a new business and tackling the challenges in other areas of my life one by one. There's still a long way to go but I am confident that I can do it. ”

(Paramjeet Singh, Retail Store Owner, Manchester)

“I started working with Kyle to look at how I could progress my career and explore the possibility of running my own business. The honesty, trust, openness, and support, he provided helped me to believe that anything is possible. I really look forward to our sessions and I've missed them when I've been away. I have made a number of breakthroughs over the course of the programme. My outlook on life has changed, it's now much more positive. I am much happier within myself, I feel that I am worth the effort and the way I communicate with other people has improved. Kyle helped me clearly see the options open to me; 'Bull-Shit Alley' or 'Sunset Boulevard', which is it going to be? I choose the latter! Our sessions helped me to realise the obstacles are not as big as I thought and my limiting beliefs don't control me like they used too. All in all I'm happier and I don't feel so panicked about the future - I'm looking forward to it, rather than fearing it. I owe you a huge "Thank you". I'm excited about moving on with my business. I feel it's the right path for me and I'm determined to make it work and to enjoy the journey. At times it still scares the hell out of me, but I now know that I can do it!”

(Emma Potter, Freelance Designer, Potts Designs)

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Business Accelerator Coaching Programme

At the time that I sought out a coach, I was at a particular turning point in my life; I had a young family, had left full time employment about 2 years earlier, and was 2 years into setting up my own leadership consultancy. Coaching for me, was about finding a safe space for me to be me, and to reflect upon all the changes that had recently taken place in my life. A place for me to think concretely about the future, especially with regard to my hopes and dreams for myself. I certainly found a safe place working with Kyle and the level of openness and trust in our coaching relationship has allowed me to make some significant breakthroughs. Initially the focus of my coaching was more personal and as a result of our work together I am now more balanced, more focused, more confident, and have moved to a place where I now feel sure of my own capabilities and strengths and realise that really the future is there for the taking.

These breakthroughs paved the way for me to tackle my next challenge - growing my business. The focus of my coaching programme shifted to business development and with Kyle's help things are now really moving forwards. As a result of the coaching I now have a stronger relationship with my business partner, clear business goals for the next 3 years and a plan to ensure that we make them real, financial targets and a plan to increase revenue by more than 50% each year - which I know we can achieve, and the confidence to 'go out there and do it'! I am consistently moving out of my comfort zone and doing things that I might normally have been 'fearful' of; seeing each new challenge as an opportunity for growth and learning, rather than something to be feared.”

(Viv Grant, Leadership Consultant, Integrity First, London)

Business Accelerator CoachingHaving heard about the breakthroughs and progress our clients have made in growing their businesses by working with our talented business coaches, you probably want to know how you can get the results you want for your business - fast... click here to find out how our business accelerator coaching programme can help you grow your business and without working yourself to death!
career coaching

Your Dream Career


Career Change Coaching Programme

“My life was in a rut but I felt ready for a life change and decided to try coaching. When I met Michelle I knew she could help me with the protective reassurance she offers with her coaching. She helped me find myself - well actually a new improved version - from being unhappy for so long, it took only a few weeks to find out what it was that was missing! I secured my dream job and everything else seemed to fall into place. I have gained confidence, focus on what I want, and my friends all comment on how happy I am. And I am!”

(R.M., Marketing Manager, Richmond)

“Michelle has obviously spent a lot of time working with and developing the career coaching programme. The programme itself offered a very clear, structured approach to reviewing life experience and aspirations. It really does what it says. I know myself better for doing it and the learning I have taken from it will help me evaluate career and personal decisions for the rest of my life.

Michelle showed a strong intuition right from the start of our meeting. Any sense of doubt I had about being coached by a younger person was promptly dispelled when she challenged this issue head on in her very common sense manner. This experience continued throughout our work together and whenever I was not comfortable or confident of where we were she would recognise this, sometimes before I knew it fully myself. My experience of working with Michelle on the career coaching programme is one I can recommend to anyone looking to work through their life options and make balanced decisions about how to develop their future and their career.”

(Stuart, Bank Director, London)

“I am extremely happy to write a testimonial for Michelle, and indeed have recommended her to several friends of mine. I approached the coaching with an open mind and was willing and expecting to make a complete change in my career. I have however decided to stay in my profession. The difference is I have discovered the reasons why I am doing what I am, learnt to concentrate on my strengths and I have a long term focus. I am not disappointed in the slightest that I have not made a complete change.

I enjoyed the personality assessment and 'discover your strengths' as I had never done exercises like these before and they helped me to take an objective perspective early on in the coaching. In terms of the exercises which gave me more directed insight, the 'work motivators' and 'skills audit' really helped to focus me. At the end the Stars really come together and I still frequently reflect on these to maintain my direction. I personally found the visualisation exercises very difficult, but don't think that made them any less useful. Michelle is extremely intuitive and very genuine. You cannot do this in a half hearted manner, but if you are willing to put in as much as Michelle is willing to give, you will not look back!

(Lisa, Doctor, London)

“This programme enabled me to begin to identify my values and really pointed me in the direction of my dream career. Kyle and Rebecca really helped me realise how much time I have wasted in my current role when I could be doing something I enjoy. I now feel much more positive, knowing that I am taking action to change my situation.”

(Tom Dollar, Salisbury)

“My coaching sessions with Michelle opened up a new career, a new life perspective and a much better relationship with my husband and family. Michelle empowered my thoughts by challenging my apathy and unwillingness to change by showing me how to collate my thoughts and be more positive so that I could actually achieve my dreams and aspirations. I would recommend coaching to anyone who needs that little push to change things and live a better life.”

(Cathy, Podiatrist, Staffordshire)

Career Change CoachingHaving heard about the breakthroughs our clients have made in their working lives from working with our career coaches, you may be eager to know how you can make the changes you want in your life... click here to find out how our career change coaching programme can help you find a career you really enjoy!


Career Accelerator Coaching Programme

“When I began my coaching programme I was facing some very challenging situations both privately and work-wise.Working with Kyle has helped me to build my confidence and find solutions/approaches that have allowed me to move forwards. His coaching style works because he creates a safe place where I can say whatever is on my mind and we have formed a coaching relationship where I trust him and feel that he understands me.

I was particularly frustrated by my work situation where I felt stuck, my progress had stagnated, and I was getting little support. Kyle helped me to identify and build on my strengths, develop some of my weaker areas, and enhance my ability to demonstrate my value at job interviews to the extent that within less than 6 months I had secured a new position at director level, two levels higher than my previous position. Not only that, but the job came with a 20% pay increase and much better prospects. As you can imagine I am thrilled with the results and even more important than the promotion and the pay rise - is the fact that I now have a great job that I love.”

(Steffen Horst, Search Marketing Director - Europe, Middle East & Africa, Mindshare, London)

Since I started working with Kyle I now clearly see my potential and my aims are immensely higher. When we first started working together I was fed up, frustrated and lacking in direction in both my life and my work. My career progression was almost non-existent, despite working really hard and I was stressed, de-motivated and under a lot of pressure. Within 6 months I had begun to completely transform my life. I had a new job with a company who's working philosophy is more closely aligned to my own. This came with a 10% pay increase and a further promotion already in the pipeline. I now have much better career prospects, better relationships with the people I work with and more energy and enthusiasm for the future. Working with Kyle has helped me reinstate my self-belief and self-respect and make peace with past circumstances which have held me back. He has a unique way of understanding and perceiving me, and tapping into my essence. This quickly re-connects me to who I am and what I'm about, and puts me back on the right track. He is generous with his time and knowledge and truly cares about me and my future success. He is non-judgmental, which is really important in allowing me to feel safe enough to really explore and fully benefit from our sessions and makes the coaching process a beautiful journey rather than a task.”

(Bernie Rayman, Merrill Lynch, London)

Coaching with Michelle has helped me in so many ways. When I was offered an acting deputy headship in a large school, I was full of reservations about my ability to do the job, my place within the school and had a variety of other anxieties. Sessions with Michelle have been invaluable in allowing me to come to terms with my role and rise to the challenge. The coaching programme has also given me the foresight to begin planning the rest of my career in a more proactive and positive way.”

(Beth, Deputy Head Teacher, London)

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health and fitness coaching

Your Dream Body


Health & Fitness Coaching Programme

"I consider myself very lucky to have found Kyle at Move Beyond. I had been struggling for years with abdominal/back problems. With his coaching I began to understand more about how the body works and thus was able to exercise more effectively. In a very short time working with Kyle gave me the confidence and the knowledge to help myself. I now have the tools to know what my body needs, what exercises help and the confidence to carry on training in the correct way. Kyle was never afraid to suggest alternative approaches and I liked his holistic approach to exercise and life generally. Working with him has made a lasting impression on me!"

(Val Pontin, Epsom)

"I started working with Move Beyond as part of a commitment to get back into shape after a number of years of ill health and work stress. Within weeks I found myself relaxing and feeling fitter than ever before. Even small things like carrying things and running for the train became so much easier. Although there is still pressure at work I have the learnt and developed the tools to cope with it."

(Andrew Fisher-Tomlin, Director, Fisher & Fox)

Health and Fitness CoachingHaving read about how some of our previous clients have made significant progress in improving their health and fitness, you're probably curious to know how you can do the same... click here to find out how our health & fitness coaching programme can help you to get into shape, look good and feel great!

Weight-Loss Coaching Programme

When I started the programme I was aware that I needed to alter my attitude towards food. I had spent years trying different types of diet and exercise regimes but deep down I knew I would not be able to succeed long term if I didn’t change the way I think about food. I started the coaching program in order to try and change this mindset for once and for all.

Whilst at times it was tough, and I didn’t always feel like participating, I always felt better after a session or completing a task, and the accountability was one of the main things that contributed to my success. I felt very comfortable talking to Kyle about things that were difficult to admit to myself and that I had not been able to discuss with other people in my life. I also felt that Kyle respected my problems and took them as seriously as I did.

I am becoming a much healthier person both physically and mentally. I have become much more mature in my attitude towards food and am much better equipped to deal with tricky situations that inevitably will arise during life.

I finally feel back in the driving seat when it comes to my attitude towards food. I no longer feel like a prisoner in that respect and feel totally in control which is an achievement I am absolutely delighted with! I have lost a lot of weight which is evident by my clothes fitting better, and needing to buy some smaller sizes.

I have not binged on food for a long time and I now feel I am much more the real me. I am a lot happier and more confident almost all of the time. This is the way I used to feel when I was going through a good patch but there are no patches anymore. I am getting on better with my friends, am performing better at work, and am a lot more confident in social situations. For the first time I really feel like I have a fit, healthy future ahead of me!

(Thomas Greaves, IT Consultant, London)

“Having worked with Kyle at Move Beyond I have found the effect of personal coaching to be incredibly powerful. He has a powerful way of understanding what's going on for me without judging, and being persistent in keeping me focused on my goals without criticising. I overcame mental blocks to such an extent that it led to me having the guts to run the London Marathon, which I could never have anticipated. The words, ‘I can't’ have gradually been eroded from my vocabulary, I now suffer fewer headaches, sleep more soundly, have lost weight - over 3 stone (which I have kept off for over a year), feel more confident and am rarely ill. The absolute belief my coach has in me as a person has definitely brought out the best in me! I now have my interest in life back, feel more contented and more at peace with both myself and the world.”

(Sue Tocknell, Ex-Group HR Director, Kingston-upon-Thames)

"The best part about this programme was the motivational side - I didn't know it was coming and it was just what I needed. Kyle made me feel comfortable and at ease and his style was clear and direct. Working through the programme ended my fear of being stuck in rut indefinitely and I am more committed to making changes, feel better about myself and am confident that I can achieve my goals."

(Smita Patel, London)

Weight Loss CoachingNow you have heard about some of the breakthroughs our clients have made, not only with losing weight, but also in many other areas of their lives, you probably want to know how you too can get the results you want in your life... click here to find out how our weight loss coaching programme can help you shed the excess weight you have been carrying around for far too long!

relationship coaching

Your Dream Relationship


Find your Ideal Partner Relationship Coaching Programme

“Before I started working with Kyle, my experience of relationships with men was mostly negative and destructive. I chose never to commit as I always felt that I had to give up my identity and my independence and become someone else in order to make it work.  As a consequence, I felt more and more like I would end up alone because of the barriers I had put up over time.

Through the work I have done with Kyle, I am now more confident and self-assured. I feel that I can fearlessly seek a long-term committed relationship, secure in the knowledge that I have the tools at hand to work through issues that may arise. I also better understand how individuals can grow and develop within a relationship and still maintain their identity, consequently I both have a stronger sense of self and confidence that this will remain intact throughout.

I now find myself acting this out as I approach romantic interests in a more receptive way - with a new sense of adventure and trepidation, ready for wherever it may lead. I have greater clarity about my own boundaries in life and in my relationships and know that I can face and overcome any challenges along the way, where in the past I used to just walk away. “

(Joanna Baker, Capital Markets, UBS, London)

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Couples Relationship Coaching Programme

Success Stories“When we came to Kyle we were in a bit of a rut in our relationship whereby we were trying to move beyond some challenges that had arisen but seemed to just keep going over the same old ground and it felt like we were going round in circles. Coaching with Kyle really helped us understand some of the key issues impacting our relationship and gave us the tools and clarity to begin to get back on track. We strengthened our connection and began to better understand each others needs and desires. We now talk more often and communicate in a way where we really hear each other and have gotten back some of the magic in our relationship that had missing for quite a while.”

(Sandy and David Curry, Riverside, Rhode Island)

Couples Relationship CoachingAs you read about some of they ways our clients have enriched their relationships by working with our highly trained relationship coaches, you may be eager to find out how you can reap these benefits for yourself and your important relationships... click here to find out how our couples relationship coaching programme can help you resolve your relationship challenges and have deeper, more meaningful relationships with the most important people in your life!

(Some names and photographs have been substituted due to the confidential nature
of our client work. All text is written by our clients, in their own words, about
the things they’ve achieved as a result of working with us.)


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