WordPress Website Maintenance

Let us mange your site updates and security for you so you can focus on running your business.

Are you making sure you keep sure site up to date and secure, or are you an easy target for hackers?

Most website owners are blissfully unaware of how frequently hackers and cyber criminals are trying to break into their site, and wouldn’t even know how to find out. If you have a security plugin installed then just check the logs and you’ll no doubt be surprised at what you find.

Like most small business website owners you most likely don’t have the budget for expensive security software to protect your site, but you should at least ensure that your are doing your utmost to minimise the chance of becoming a victim of hacking or cyber crime by keeping your WordPress site up to date on a regular basis and ensuring you make regular backups of your site so you can get back up and running should the worst occur.

Don’t know how or don’t have the time? Then let us do it for you! 

We have on more than one occasion had to help a client rebuild their site after it has been hacked and injected with malware. So believing that prevention is better than cure (and a lot less expensive) we decided to offer to help our clients manage their website maintenance and security to minimise the risk and ensure they are not an easy target.

We invite you to review the two support options outlined below and choose the one which best suits your needs.

Option 1 – Website Maintenance and Security Support Only

Maintenance only option: annual payment of £250, or £25/month – includes:

  • Monthly Updates – plugin and other security updates, and updates of your WordPress core files. We’ll run all your updates for you at least a month so you can get on with running you business without having to remember to do it yourself.
  • Backups – Weekly backups of your database and monthly backup of your entire website. So you can have peace of mind that should the worst happen, then we can restore your site and get you back up and running in no time.
  • Theme Updates – Bi-annual website theme updates. Web themes are often updated by their authors. These updates include: new features, updates to premium plugins included within the theme,  and bug/security fixes. Applying updates to a customised theme is a delicate business, get it wrong and you can lose all your customisation’s or break your site. We’ll apply these updates for you every six months so you can ensure your theme stays current and any bugs and security holes are minimised.

With this package, any additional updates to web content, news, etc are chargeable at £50/hour.

Buy Annual

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Option 2 – Website Maintenance and Support, plus Content Management

Maintenance and Content Management option: £500 per year, or £50/month

  • Maintenance – Includes all of elements outlined in Option 1 above, plus
  • Content Management – 30 mins support per month to update pages, news posts, forms, images, menus, etc, and/or training/mentoring

With this package, any additional updates to web content beyond your monthly allocation are chargeable at £50/hour.

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(Note: All maintenance and content managment is chargeable at £65/hour for clients not on an annual maintenance package)



Our aim is for the support and maintenance of your website to be tailored to your requirements. So, if there are any changes you would like made to the elements outlined above, please let us know.

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