Today is the last day of January… How are you doing so far with your 2011 goals?

Today is the last day of January… How are you doing so far with your 2011 goals?

Today is the last day of January, the 31st, and I wanted to check in and see how you’re year is going so far… a ton of people have already lapsed on their New Years’ goals. How are you doing?

Are you still storming ahead on course for world domination, or has your energy and motivation slipped and things are barely moving or heading back to square one?

If it’s closer to the former then congratulations – keep it up, and if it’s closer to the latter then don’t lose heart. January is a tough month. It’s cold, dark, the days are short, we’ve had little sun – hardly the most inspiring time of the year right? Remember, it’s not about what you do in January, it’s about what you do over the course of the whole year that counts.

Those of you who read the article I wrote a few weeks ago on 5 Essential Steps to a Successful New Year will remember that one of the keys to success is timing and that April-June is the best time to really get into action and create momentum, so use the next 2 months through February and March to really do some solid planning and preparation ready for then. This first part of the year should be about gently getting the wheels turning and the route planned out ready to put your foot on the gas in the Spring!

If you are struggling to get on track this year, then keep an eye out for the articles and video coming your way later this week to help you:

  • Learn how to overcome obstacles
  • Discover why people often fail to achieve their goals
  • and why discouragement is so rampant

So for now, however you’re doing, take some time today to check-in, re-focus and get ready to get stuck into February and keep the wheels turning. You can do it!

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