How to Use Your Website to Attract More Clients

In this day and age almost every business, no matter how big or small, has a website… but is it really doing its job? In the earlier days of the web most websites were simply online versions of the company’s marketing brochure(s) and their purpose was primarily to outline who they were and what products/services they provided to prospective clients. Whilst that purpose still holds true today, the web has evolved significantly and your website can do so much for your business than simply be an online marketing brochure.

Attract more clients from your websiteIn my view the core purpose of your website should be to ‘deliver you a consistent and steady stream of prospects who have already qualified themselves, understand your offering, and are highly interested or ready to buy’. Sound good? If so, how well is yours performing in that regard?

Most businesses are still underleveraging their online real estate and a few key changes and a shift in strategy could massively increase their results from their website. Implement the suggestions below and watch your online enquiries go up and up.

  • Add Value to Your Visitors – whether it’s through blogging, articles, videos, eBooks, white papers, or something else… produce quality content that helps your target audience and adds value. This has two key benefits, firstly by regularly publishing new content on your site you will attract search engines, improve your search rankings and get more traffic to your site. At the same time you will also gain credibility, increase trust, and build relationship with your target audience. Win-win!
  • Capture Contact Information – even if your website is fantastic, only a tiny percentage of your website visitors will buy or enquire on their first visit. So to truly leverage the potential of your website your primary strategy should be to capture your web visitors contact information so you can stay in touch. That way you can continue to build a relationship with them, let them know when about new content you’ve published that will be of value to them, and be at the top of their list when they are ready to buy. That said, most of us already have overloaded inboxes these days, so getting people to part with that information is not so easy – make sure you have an irresistible offer that will persuade them.
  • CCC: Clear Compelling Message – it’s not necessarily easy to write compelling web copy, but it is essential. Did you know when someone visits your website you have between 3-7 seconds to get the message across. So how does yours stack up? Does your message hit your prospect right between the eyes and have their immediate attention? Or are you missing the mark?
  • CTA: Call to Action – I’m always amazed at how many business websites fail horrifically to direct their visitors to take action. They either have no call to action, or it’s unclear, easy to miss, or not compelling. Make it as clear and idiot-proof as possible. Every page on your site should have a purpose and lead the reader to another page, or to take some kind of action: EG: “Call this number NOW to find out how you can get 50 new clients in the next 30 days”
  • Breadcrumbs Approach – make sure you have a well thought out, seamless process to take your web visitor on a journey from a first time visitor to a happy client/customer. Think Hansel and Gretel – laying a trail so they find their way home – to becoming your customer!

So don’t miss out on the true potential of your website! Review your online marketing strategy today and turn your site into a client generating machine!

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