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Do you have a contact email address on your website? Most companies do. If so you’re most likely getting lots of unsolicited email or spam. Spammers use web crawlers, otherwise known as ‘spambots’ to crawl through websites, in much the same way as Google and other search engines, but with the malicious aim of harvesting unprotected email address and then adding them to their spamming lists.

I fell prey to this myself when I first had the Move Beyond website built back in 2003. Little did I know that having an email address on the site for potential clients to contact me would result in me receiving 500-600 spam emails a day!!! It did teach me a valuable lesson though and I’ve since learnt to ensure that my email address is always encrypted online.

These days you can easily disguise your email address using encryption or obfuscation tools. So if you have unencrypted email addresses on your website then I highly recommend you encrypt them as soon as possible. If like me you use WordPress as your website platform then I recommend this fantastic little plugin that I use called Email Encoder Bundle that encrypts all email addresses on your WordPress site automatically. You can get it here:

Alternatively you can use the encryption tool in the form below to encrypt your email address before placing it on any type of website.

A couple of other suggestions

Use this tool to encrypt your email address before posting it in a web page:

Simply enter your email address in the first box and enter the text you want displayed on your website in the display box

Mailto Link:

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