Top 5 Tips for Losing Weight

Don’t let the battle with the bulge get you down. Here are our 5 top tips for losing weight and keeping it off:

weight loss

  1. Move your body – exercise and physical activity is one of the best ways to shed those excess pounds. Choose something active that you enjoy so that you will make an effort to do it, rather than it becoming a chore. Remember – sex is great exercise too!
  2. Cut down on carbs – eliminate or cut down the amount of high carbohydrate foods in your diet. These are high in calories and affect your blood sugar levels which can cause you to get hunger cravings and energy dips.
  3. Manage your environment – make sure that you do not have the foods and drinks that you are avoiding in the house or around your working environment. Replace them with new healthier options. If you like to pick through the day then fruits such as grapes, cherries and berries are great alternatives to crisps, biscuits and chocolate.
  4. Plan ahead – failing to plan is planning to fail! Don’t’ get caught out, plan what you are going to eat for the week ahead. Schedule in your shopping trips and make a list of what you are going to buy to avoid temptation.
  5. Visualise yourself how you would like to look – create a realistic and positive vision of your ideal body shape/image. Do not underestimate the power of the mind – if you see yourself as overweight, or fat, then that is the focus that you are giving your mind/body. Think yourself thin!


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