Sitting down is really bad for your health

If you’re like most people in a professional job, or running your own business, then you probably spend a considerable amount of time sitting down. Perhaps even most of your day.

Have you ever really ever considered the implications of this on both your health and overall performance? I doubt it, few people I work with do. As human beings our historical genetics are still primarily geared towards being active hunters, despite thousands of years of evolution. So from that perspective it’s no great shock that sitting down a lot is bad for both our health and performance.

Maintaining an active, healthy body is an essential element of peak performance and being able to generate the results you want in your life and work. So if you really want a great life and excellent results, get up, get moving and go get what you want.

Sitting, both metaphorically and physically is potentially killing you and your dreams slowly… so commit to building more activity into your life physically and taking more action in other areas and things will change for the better.

Sitting is Killing You
Infographic courtesy of: Medical Billing And Coding

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