Health and Wellness – Keys to Success: Part 1

Start by asking yourself this question: ‘Of what value is the success you achieve in your life, and work, if you do not have the health and energy to enjoy it?’

When was the last time you felt truly energized both at work and at home? Can you recall a time when you felt vital, vibrant and ready to take on the world? Hopefully you can say yes to that, but if you can’t you’re not alone. In today’s fast paced world thousands of daily responsibilities and pressures take a tremendous toll on our physical bodies, greatly affecting both our health and energy levels. This is a vicious circle we put ourselves into because the careers and lifestyles we choose often demand high energy, yet that very vibrancy is what most people severely lack.

Most people know that maintaining a high energy level is a key element of both life and business success. We know the benefits of having a healthy body and a clear, focused mind. We’ve heard that stress ills and eventually kills. We know we need to find a balance as the lines between work and play, home and office become more and more blurred – otherwise we will eventually end up on the road to exhaustion and burnout. So how do we achieve it?

Phase 1 – DETOX

To feel energised and alive you must maintain both a healthy body and a healthy mindset. There is no way that one can happen without the other. You have to revitalise your body and switch the juice on at the brain and let it run through your arms and legs, heart, soul, career and lifestyle.

As a result of the environment in which we live, most of us gradually become more and more ‘toxic’ from one year to the next. This gradual accumulation of ‘toxins’ is almost impossible to notice and is yet so obvious by the lack of energy and vibrancy that most of us experience from day to day. By using the term ‘toxins’ I am not only referring to the chemicals and toxins in our food and environment that contaminate our physical bodies, but also the mental clutter, self limiting beliefs and negative influences which also drain our mental energy and lust for life. The first step to greater health and energy is to rid ourselves of all of the things in our lives that no longer serve us. The focus here is DETOX, not only your body, but your whole life:

    • DETOX your Mind – One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is to direct the focus of your mind toward empowering thoughts so that it can heal your body instead of weakening it. Yes, you’ve heard that before, but really think about putting it into action today, right now! What you say to yourself can make or break you from the inside out. Start to become aware of what you focus on and consciously choose where you place your attention. Simply focusing on different things or changing your language can have an immense impact. Choose language that focuses your mind on what you can do, rather than what you can’t do; focus on what have to be grateful for in your life, as opposed to the things you don’t have yet; and focus on what you have achieved already, rather than how much you still have to do. These simple steps will create a tremendous shift in how you feel.


    • DETOX your Body – Put together a program that includes eating healthily, exercising, and building a strong physiology to support your physical and emotional body. Move your body and fuel it with the good stuff that it needs to sustain you. You are what you eat!


    • DETOX your Relationships – Never underestimate the impact that the people around you have on your life. Take a look at your relationships with your friends, family and work colleagues and ask yourself whether they are TOXIC or TONIC? Begin to focus on amplifying the positive and supportive influences in your life and transforming or distancing yourself from those that hold you back and drain your energy. Surrounding yourself with friends, family and colleagues who support you is vital to your success. A coaching program is an excellent option to explore as well. After all, you can never have too many people in your cheering section!


We’re sure that part one of this article has given you some food for thought and useful first steps. Check out part two for our top tips for long term success and our simple 3 step action plan.

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