Our transformational *Live Your Dream* seminars and workshops are fun and interactive, and deliver a powerful, inspirational learning experience

You will leave motivated and and ready for action with a host of ideas and tools to help you make significant forward progress.

What’s different about our group programmes and events?

We learnt along time ago that knowledge is not enough. In fact our whole change model is founded upon that belief. Knowing what you need to do to achieve want you want is only useful if you actually apply it – and being human, most of us have a gap between what we know and what we actually do. For example, most people who would like to be fitter, healthier and change their body shape know that they need to exercise more and eat more healthily – yet how many of them actually do it consistently? Yep, you guessed it – not that many!

There are many seminar and workshop programmes in the market place that are packed full of information and content, and they’re great, but they’re only part of the equation. We too aim to provide you with plenty of high quality content, tools and tips, but most importantly all of our group programmes are designed to include ‘transformational experiences’ that actually shift the way you think and change the belief systems that drive your behaviour – so that you leave not only educated, but motivated and inspired and ready to start taking action to make the things you want real!

We run our events in a range of formats to suit your needs and budget.


workshops, events and seminarsLive Seminars – these are larger group events delivered by a single coach/facilitator that are designed to cover the key fundamentals of the subject area so that you can get an introduction to our programmes and some fantastic learning without breaking the bank. Our live seminars range in duration from evening events through to 2 day events.

Tele-Seminars – these are similar to our live seminars but conducted over the phone in a conference call format. They usually last between 1-2 hours and are focused on a particular subject area. Many of the topics for these tele-seminars are one-offs and not repeated on a regular basis.


Seminars, Workshops and EventsLive Workshops – these are run in much smaller groups than our live seminars, usually no more than 25-30 people and delivered by two of our experience coaches/facilitators. They are designed to go into the subject material at a much deeper level and create a learning experience that will propel you forwards feeling more inspired and confident about the road ahead. Our live workshops are usually 1 or 2 days in duration.

Tele Classes – as with our tele-seminars these are group programmes which are conducted over the telephone in a conference call format, however like our live workshops they are designed to go into the subject material at a much deeper level and create a learning experience that will keep you moving forwards over a period of weeks/months. The calls are usually 1-2 hours in duration and conducted as part of a series of 8-12 sessions scheduled on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Seminars, Workshops and EventsClick this link to view the list of our upcoming seminars and workshops.

We regularly run events in each of our five main progamme areas outlined below, as well as many ‘one-off’ sessions on other related topics areas:

Your Dream life

Your Dream LifeLife Coaching Workshop: This programme is great for anyone who is ready and committed to moving forwards in their life, whatever their age or circumstances. Are you ready to change your life? Whether you’ve been contemplating a career transition, a change in your home circumstances or personal life, a move out of the corporate world, or want to start an important project, return to work, grow a business and/or boost your self confidence, this workshop is for you. We will support, encourage and challenge you to take charge of your life. You’ll be guided through a step by step process, to discover what you really want to get from life, what the next step is for you, and create a plan of action to take you forward. You will come away feeling motivated and inspired with a framework to support you in moving your life onto the next level – enabling you to unlock your true potential. Register your interest.


Your Dream career

Your Dream CareerCareer Coaching / Career Change Workshop: Whether you are contemplating a complete career change, want a better job/promotion, or simply want to get more out of your current role, this workshop will inspire and support you to take action. You will to get in touch with YOU, your accomplishments, your key strengths and start to discover your values, your purpose and what makes you unique. You will receive advice and support in key areas such as creating your CV and improving your interview performance. This highly supportive process will help you to define a genuine new direction and you will learn how to utilise your natural strengths, build your confidence and clarify your career goals. Register your interest.


Your Dream business

Your Dream BusinessBusiness Coaching / Business Development Workshop: Have you dreamt of running your own business, but don’t know where to start? Do you already own a small business, or work independently, and want to build on your current success? This workshop is designed to address the unique challenges faced when starting or running your own small business. It is packed with practical tips on how to focus your business on making the most of its opportunities, covering a range of topics including: business performance, business potential, planning and strategy, leadership, profitability, sales and marketing. You will receive the support, structure and tools you need to create a successful and fulfilling business, along with the opportunity to meet and work with other small business owners looking for effective ways to meet the challenges of running their own business. Register your interest.


Your Dream body _ ‘Optimum Health & Energy’

Your Dream BodyLearn to create a daily experience of vitality, health, energy, and aliveness. This cutting-edge programme takes a complete approach to health and well-being. By making a decision and commitment to take care of your body you will soon be on the path to looking and feeling great! As you might expect, this workshop includes the latest and most up to date advice and information on improving your health, diet, fitness and lifestyle, however you’ll get much more than just a new diet/exercise routine. ‘Optimum Health & Energy’ takes a ‘whole life’ approach and also covers areas such as motivation, stress management, self-esteem, peace of mind, and more. You will learn how to develop a plan to look and feel great, and do it in a way that works for you – for life! Register your interest.


Your Dream body _ ‘Beyond Food & Drink’

Weight Loss WorkshopA new ground-breaking approach to weight loss and healthy eating! This workshop includes professional advice and consultancy on losing weight, is combined with proven coaching tools to help you identify and achieve your goals, make permanent lifestyle changes and keep the weight off! You’ll come away with much more than a new diet/eating plan – the programme takes a ‘whole life’ approach and covers motivation, stress, overcoming the ‘urge’, self-esteem, physical activity and much more. We will help you develop and follow a programme where you only do what works for you and learn the skills you need to successfully stay slim and healthy for life! What have you got to lose – other than a few pounds? Register your interest.


All of our workshops are designed to be inspirational, practical, and flexible. Each one can be run in a number of formats – from a 2 hour introduction to the topic area, through to an in-depth two day workshop. As well as our open programme which you can register for on the events page, we can also design and run an event specifically for your group, association or organisation. Please contact us for further information.


If only the people who worry about their liabilities would
think about the riches that they do possess, they
would stop worrying… 
(Dale Carnegie)