Free Tele-Seminar – 5 Biggest Website Mistakes

Is it your dream to have a steady stream of clients from your website?

Imagine being able to work with the clients you were meant to serve, the ones you love to work with and who adore working with you, and being paid handsomely to help them transform their lives.

However, if you’re like many coaches you may have discovered actually getting new client enquiries through your website is easier said than done.

If that’s you, I have GREAT news for you. It really is possible to tap into the power of the internet and generate a steady stream of new clients through your website and I want to teach you how.

Web Mentoring for CoachesI’ve been fascinated by the power of the internet ever since I set up Move Beyond 8 years ago and had my first website designed. To be honest, my first site wasn’t a very good one, yet despite that I’ve gotten around 70-80% of my coaching clients via the internet over the past 8 years.

This site now barely resembles what I began with at my humble beginnings back then, and over the past few years I’ve run quite a few masterclasses at continuing education events to help coaches better understand how to develop their website and use the internet to get more clients. They’ve always received good feedback and now I really want to help you too

If you want to begin to better understand how to do this then don’t miss my free tele-seminar “The 5 Biggest Mistakes Coaches make on their Websites” where I’ll be revealing some of the most common mistakes made on most coaches websites and what to do instead to begin to get more new clients online.

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On this ground-breaking call you will:

  • Learn the role your website should play in your online marketing or client attraction strategy.
  • Discover what works… and what DOESN’T work when it comes to getting coaching clients online (you may be surprised at how coaches are making simple mistakes that are costing them thousands of pounds in lost business and clients!)
  • Understand the 5 crucial things you MUST have on your website to start to turn your visitors into clients.
  • Have the opportunity to get live feedback on your website on the call.
  • Plus… a short Q&A where you’ll have the opportunity to answer your most burning questions.

Taking Kyle’s ‘5 Biggest Mistakes Coaches Make on their Website’ Teleseminar‏ was eye-opening for me! Had I seen it a few weeks earlier, I would have saved a lot of precious time for myself! I had just posted my very first attempt at a website after months of work when I received an email to sign up for the Teleseminar.

After participating, it was encouraging on one hand, to know that many things I had included were essential. But many things I didn’t even consider would have saved me the edits that I clearly now see are necessary to catch the eye of potential clients and promote myself over competitors’ websites. Not being very ‘computer-savvy’ I braced myself for a workshop filled with computer ingo I would not understand, but was blown away that it was in PLAIN ENGLISH I could understand! Kyle kept it simple and clear for ANYONE to be able to create a meaningful and purposeful website to compliment their Coaching Practice or as a selling tool. Thanks, Kyle, for making this a fun and interesting Teleseminar!” ~ Patti Washington

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What more people have said about this teleseminar:

“Kyle gave us a lot of golden nuggets and sound advice about our websites. It made me aware that loads of advice I’d previously got from web designers and other techies who don’t know our business, were leading me elsewhere! I can’t come to the workshop but I’ll definitely be working with you on my website! Thanks a TON and well done!” Pemma Fox

“Thanks very much for the tele-seminar just now – it was very interesting and informative.” 
Nick Martin, CTI Leader

“I thought “5 Biggest Mistakes Coaches make on their Websites” was very effective, useful and applicable. I will definitely take into consideration your points when planing and implementing my future web-site.”Charlena Ortiz

“Hey Kyle, just listened to your recording of mistakes coaches make on their web sites – great info and extremely helpful! Thanks for sharing! Annie Gelfand


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