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Make the shifts you*re looking for in your career with our life changing career coaching programmes that generate proven results

We offer two focused programmes delivered by our team of top career coaches to help you make real changes in your work and career, and get the results that you want. We’ve got a proven track record. working with hundreds of clients and know what it takes to generate consistent results. Continue reading below to find out which programme best meets your needs…

career change coaching programmeYour Dream Career
Career Change
Coaching Programme

  • Are you completely fed up with the job you’re doing now and hungry for a new career that is fresh and exciting, but don’t know where to start?
  • Do you dread Monday mornings, and frequently say to yourself “there must be more to life than this”?
  • Are you feeling trapped in a job that pays well? You dream of having a job that you love, but have commitments and need to earn a good salary.
  • Do you know that you’re long overdue for a career change, but can’t seem to pluck up the courage to take the plunge?
Career Change CoachingIf you answered ‘yes’ to one or more of the questions above, then our career change coaching programme will put you on the right career path!



career accelerator coaching programmeYour Dream Career
Career Accelerator Coaching Programme

  • Have you failed to progress as far up the career ladder as you wanted/expected to by this stage in your life/career?
  • Do you work really hard and produce good results but never get the recognition you deserve? Or perhaps it’s recognised verbally, but never accompanied by the promotion or pay-rise you want to go with it.
  • Are you fed up with having to leave the real you at the door when you go to work? Do you play the corporate game in the hope of getting where you want to go, but ultimately you just end up feeling empty inside?
Career Accelerator CoachingIf you answered ‘yes’ to one or more of the questions above, then our career accelerator coaching programme will help you break the deadlock and find a faster route to the top – where you leap up the career ladder several rungs at a time!


Coaching ProgrammesIn addition to our career coaching programmes we also offer a number of other highly impactful progammes to help you move forward and improve the overall quality of your life. Click this link to view the full range of that we offer.


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