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Career Accelerator Coaching

Progress faster and further in your career, and get the promotion and pay rise you deserve with our career accelerator coaching programme

  • Career Development CoachingHave you failed to progress as far up the career ladder as you wanted/expected to by this stage in your life/career?
  • Are you tired of feeling undervalued by either your boss or colleagues, who take both the credit and the bonus, and leave you stuck in the same role, on the same salary, despite your hard work and contribution?
  • Do you work really hard and produce good results but never get the recognition you deserve? Or perhaps it’s recognised verbally, but never accompanied by the promotion or pay-rise you want to go with it.
  • Are you fed up with having to leave the real you at the door when you go to work? Do you play the corporate game in the hope of getting where you want to go, but ultimately you just end up feeling empty inside?
  • Have you had enough of slogging it out, working really long hours, and getting little or no reward?
If you answered ‘yes’ to one or more of the questions above then our career accelerator coaching programme will help you end the struggle and make sustainable positive steps forwards in your career.
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Here’s a taster of some of the results you can expect from this focused career development programme. You will:

  • Advance your career and secure a salary increase – you’ll unlock your forward progress and advance you career to the next level, along with a pay-rise, usually within 6-12 months. As part of this process you’ll also develop a clear and inspiring vision for your career and break free from the limiting beliefs that hold you back, so that you gain a stronger sense of direction and focus, and move into the career fast-lane.
  • Learn the secrets to accelerated career success – ever asked yourself ‘what do I need to be more successful, what’s the missing piece of the puzzle?’ As you work through the programme you’ll discover those missing pieces, learn the new skills needed to advance to the next level, and develop your own personal success formula. Learning these secrets will not only help you get your next promotion, but will help to accelerate your career progress for the rest of your working life!
  • Increase your confidence – through a deep exploration of who you are and what’s important to you, you’ll identify your strengths and talents, develop a new found level of confidence and self belief, and really bring out your best. You’ll discover what saps your confidence and how to deal with it, how to access your inner strength, and begin to tackle challenges head on – so that the mountains turn into mole hills.
  • Tap into renewed energy & passion and get that spark back again – you’ll begin to see possibilities where once there were obstacles, open up to a new perspective and gain a more positive outlook on both your life and work. As that big grey cloud begins to lift, things will seem lighter and you’ll achieve more in less time and with less effort. You’ll start to feel more alive, enjoy what you’re doing, work smarter and play harder.
  • Learn to avoid career-limiting activities – as well as discovering the secrets to accelerated career success, you will also discover the activities and behaviours that have the reverse effect. They hold you back and limit your career progress. You’ll then be able to avoid them and consequently eliminate many of the obstacles that have prevented you from getting promoted in the past.
  • Make the right people sit up and take notice – you’ll develop your interpersonal and leadership skills, improve your working relationships with your peers, your manager/director and your direct reports and have greater influence in your organisation. Consequently you’ll improve your overall performance and effectiveness, and the performance of your team, so you begin to create the right kind of waves, and make the right people sit up and take notice. At the same time you’ll also become better equipped to cope with the demands of the more senior role you wish to secure.
Find out if it’s right for you… call 0333 200 2612… or
career coaching consultation